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The Future for St Barbe: Innovative; Inclusive; Resilient

After beginning life as a ‘museum in a room’ with no pre-existing collection, St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery quickly built a reputation that belied its size and location.

For 15 years, St Barbe gathered a collection of more than 18,000 local history objects, and a gained a reputation as one of the finest art galleries on the South coast.

In 2015 it became apparent it was time to move on again – and we embarked on an ambitious £2 million project to transform St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.
The vision was simple - to build on past successes, to create a landmark cultural venue for Lymington, and to ensure the community was placed at the heart of everything we did.
Thanks to a significant financial commitment from the Heritage Lottery Fund we began the journey.

Just over two years later, we are close to realising our vision.
The £1.78 million grant from the HLF was dependant on the Museum raising an additional £525,000 from its own networks. We have now achieved that, thanks to a huge response from the community.
We are delighted that the new look St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery will re-open in July 2017.

When the doors open you can expect to find;

  • Bigger and better galleries which will host an exclusive programme of exhibitions including works of art from the finest collections in the world;
  • New museum displays using the large collections (18,000 items and counting) to tell fascinating local stories about people and places;
  • A purpose designed archive and store to enable local people to research their own history as well as that of the local area;
  • Larger well equipped education and activity spaces for schools and local groups;
  • A much improved entrance and spacious open plan front of house area with a Museum shop, visitor information and café.

St Barbe will also remaining open for longer in the summer season - until 5pm on weekdays, and for the first time ever it will also open on a Sunday (10am – 4pm) .

We look forward to seeing you!


Who will benefit?

The redesigned St Barbe will continue to build upon its tradition of serving the needs and interests of the local community, as well as attracting new visitors to the area. The following groups have been identified as key beneficiaries:

  • Local people: their heritage will be celebrated, shared, stored for future generations.
  • Target groups: elderly, rural, young adult, teenage, people with disabilities.
  • Minority and disadvantaged groups.
  • School groups, community groups, special interest groups 
and businesses.
  • Local organisations through partnership working.
  • Tourists and regional visitors
  • The local business community